What is a domain name

A domain name is essentially your website’s equivalent of a physical address. In the same way that a GPS needs a street address or a zipcode to provide directions, a web browser needs a domain name to direct you to a website. A domain name takes the form of two main elements. For example, the domain name Facebook.com consists of the website’s name (Facebook) and the domain name extension (.com). 

Domain name registrations are overseen by an organization called ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). ICANN specifies which domain name extensions are available and keeps a centralized database of where the domain names point to.

1. A professional email address using your domain makes it easier for customers to look up your
company and website for more information about your company and the products or services
that it offers.

2. Having a domain for your website and company email address helps establish authority,
professionalism, and credibility. This makes it an important part of your brand enabling you to
build trust with your customers.

3. A domain ensures that your customers will view you as a legitimate and serious business, and
not a side project. Customers will also find it easier to make a payment to your company.

4. Using a free email account such as Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook may seem like an easy solution for
your business email needs but it is bad for business. Anyone can sign up for a free email address,
which means your emails can end up in your customers spam folder, therefore a professional
email linked to your domain is more trustworthy.

5. Having a domain email is a great marketing tool, any email you send or leave your contact
details with someone, you are giving them an easy link to your website.