7 ways to add more value to your online store

7 ways to add more value to your online store

Your goal should always be to constantly create a value proposition that will help convert visitors into long-term customers. Aim to stay ahead of the curve and set the next standard of effective online retail. Here are 7 field-tested strategies that have worked with great success for online stores.

If the numbers aren’t working out in your favor to offer free shipping on absolutely everything, you could set a minimum order value that customers would have to meet to qualify. This not only will save you from draining your profits but will encourage customers to buy more products from your site. Even though without shipping shoppers would not receive their goods, it is still psychologically perceived as a drain on value. By giving shoppers the opportunity to add more items in place of the shipping cost, eCommerce merchants can add value to the entire transaction. 

This is where having a creative strategy will help you excel. By default, visitors are going to be hesitant to sign up for an account unless they are offered an incentive to do so. These incentives should provide them some sort of immediate benefits, such as taking 10% off their current order.

Testimonials are an excellent way to provide personalized social proof, but they are only utilized for larger purchase products or services. However, this shouldn’t exclude merchants with less expensive goods from showcasing some sort of testimonial system. 

Merchants can showcase other similar products by adding a “Customers who bought this also liked” slider when visitors see a product page or pop-up when they add the product to their cart. Merchants can effectively upsell complementary products, and shoppers will receive tailored recommendations based on items they are already interested in.

Landing pages are not only an excellent way to generate leads and direct incoming traffic to the appropriate parts of your site, but they can also be incredibly informative. Your landing pages should be one of the most value-creating aspects of your site. Having an informative landing page that captures the reason why visitors could use your service is a great way to do the thinking for your visitors.

Sometimes, visitors just want to browse your site and are not ready for immediate purchase. Instead of giving them only one option of adding items to a cart that eventually gets abandoned, you could create an “Add to Wishlist” option. This will accurately reflect your cart checkout rates to focus purely on shoppers and not browsers.

Instead of forcing your visitors looking for the best deals into a detective hunt on each of your category pages, you could make a clearly outlined “Sales” category. This category would compile all your discounted items and promotions into a single consolidated area. This will not only help inbound traffic navigate to where they want to go, but it could also be utilized in target social media posts and other content strategies.

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Building your digital strategy

Building your digital strategy

The foundational layer of digital strategy is your basic business model. The digital strategy is integrated into the organic, whole of how a company runs, as well as what they aspire to be. Building upwards from the basic business model.

A digital strategy depends on the skills of the entire team. It doesn’t begin out in the cloud. instead, it is inseparable from the efforts of the developers, designers, marketers, strategists, content writers and so on.

Defining precisely what a businesses human capital will do and how they’ll integrate their work with one another to create a fully integrated strategy comes next.

Only after the goals, people and processes are in place do we consider the platforms they’ll need. Again, technology is the tool, not the driver. Platforms depend on individual company goals, they can include cloud servers, content management systems, data analytic systems, mixed reality, artificial intelligence, geo-based apps and more.

Once platforms have been identified, then the individual products that make up your digital strategy are identified. These may include apps, wearables, responsive websites, IoT smart products, augmented reality experiences and more.

Once you have your digital products, then the question is how you’ll connect those products with people. Which channels work best as delivery conduits in your strategy? These can include in-person shopping experiences, email, social media, workplace networking, intranet, websites, IoT remote connections and so on.

 It’s important to pursue and maintain a clear sense of your user experience. Are your brand’s visual cues consistent and compelling? Is your company’s voice authentic? Are you evoking a sense of ease and delight as people interact with your company?

At the pinnacle of the digital strategy framework, it’s all about people, and not just the ones who buy your products or services — although of course they are important. An effective digital transformation also streamlines the experience of your employees, your vendors and suppliers, your partners and stakeholders.


5 Reasons your business need a domain email address

What is a domain name

A domain name is essentially your website’s equivalent of a physical address. In the same way that a GPS needs a street address or a zipcode to provide directions, a web browser needs a domain name to direct you to a website. A domain name takes the form of two main elements. For example, the domain name consists of the website’s name (Facebook) and the domain name extension (.com). 

Domain name registrations are overseen by an organization called ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). ICANN specifies which domain name extensions are available and keeps a centralized database of where the domain names point to.

1. A professional email address using your domain makes it easier for customers to look up your
company and website for more information about your company and the products or services
that it offers.

2. Having a domain for your website and company email address helps establish authority,
professionalism, and credibility. This makes it an important part of your brand enabling you to
build trust with your customers.

3. A domain ensures that your customers will view you as a legitimate and serious business, and
not a side project. Customers will also find it easier to make a payment to your company.

4. Using a free email account such as Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook may seem like an easy solution for
your business email needs but it is bad for business. Anyone can sign up for a free email address,
which means your emails can end up in your customers spam folder, therefore a professional
email linked to your domain is more trustworthy.

5. Having a domain email is a great marketing tool, any email you send or leave your contact
details with someone, you are giving them an easy link to your website. 


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What is E-commerce? types and benefits

What is Ecommerce?

Ecommerce also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, is purely the buying and selling of services and goods by means of the internet. It also includes the transferring of funds between two or more parties, In other words this is online shopping

All a customer needs is access to the internet and they can browse through your online store and make a purchase without the need of going to a physical store.

What are the different types of ecommerce models?

B2C – Business to Consumer This is an online sale of a product or service from a business to an end consumer.

B2B- Business to Business When a business has an online web store and sells its products or services to other companies.

C2B – Consumer to Business A consumer provides a business with a fee based opportunity to market a product or service on their website or blog.

C2C – Consumer to Consumer This is a business model that facilitates ecommerce between private individual’s e.g. Gumtree and OLX facilitates C2C.

What are the Benefits of ecommerce?

• One of the benefits of ecommerce is that it has a low startup costs, you don’t need to pay up thousands of rand’s to rent a store location.
• Online stores are always open for business, customers can buy your goods or services at any time of the day which means you can be making money while you are sleep.
• You can easily gain access to data for analysis, this can assist you in developing a relationship with your client and be able to let them know of any sales or promotions easily, this means you end up spending less on marketing.
• You are not limited to a specific geographical location, which means you can have customers all over the world.

Recadi Technologies is passionate about digital transformation and can help you take your store online, request a free quote.



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4 Critical Digital Tools every Business needs

Business Web Presence Having a strong web presence is critical for every company. We live in the age where the internet is a useful tool to obtain information. When a potential client is looking for goods or services, their search for the right provider starts on the internet.

Human Resource Management Software Implementing an HR solution can automate a huge number of HR functions such as payroll, leave applications and approval, onboarding and benefits administration. An HR software and solution will also assist in reducing errors and ensure that there are no legal issues and complications. This will ensure that you are always compliant.

Accounting Software An accounting software can help you save a lot of time compared to manual bookkeeping, this can assist in minimizing the chances of error in calculation. An accounting system can provide you with detailed reports on business processes and help you track money flow and you can get a clear picture of your income and costs at any time. Using an accounting software is so much better than storing manual invoices and receipts which you will deal with at the end of your financial year.

Search engine marketing and optimization Search optimization is a set of rules for optimizing your website so that it can achieve higher rankings in search engines organic results. Search optimization marketing is important than ever in today’s competitive market. It is a key tool for website owners to increase visibility and get more traffic to their website. This tool puts you ahead of your competition, if two websites are selling the exact same thing the optimized website will most likely have more clicks and make more sales. If you require any of these solutions, be sure to request a free quote below.

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Top 6 digital solution tips for your business

Digital transformation is changing the way businesses operate, especially in the age of COVID-19. It has not only allowed companies to continue operating when hit with unexpected circumstances as with the pandemic, but also to reach new heights of production and efficiency.

When you commit to digital transformation, you’re enabling your company to modernize systems, meet evolving customer demands, and leverage new technologies that are the driving force behind a new technical revolution.

However, often companies embrace “digital” without first identifying the problem and evaluating how digital technology can help resolve it. Digital solutions have made it possible for businesses to rethink the way they can tackle problems in simple, efficient, innovative and scalable ways. These digital solutions and technologies can work together or apart, giving you the freedom to pick and mix the right solutions to suit your needs. Sometimes, the simplest solution can be the most effective.

At Recadi Technologies, we will work with you in a stepped approach and within the confines of your business structure and budget. We will work with you to identify your core problems, and propose the best digital technologies and tools to resolve them. Check out the following top 6 digital solution tips for your business.

Digital Transformation

With digitalization and the profusion of digital solutions permeating every aspect of the business environment, companies need to keep up with the constant and fast-paced change.

Companies must therefore embrace digital transformation and adopt new business models and digital technologies so that they can continue to deliver on their business objectives and stay ahead of the competition.

At Recadi Technologies, we understand the importance of the customers’ needs, as well as the company’s objectives and challenges. We will help you incorporate insights on customers’ behaviour with the company’s objectives and organization structure to enable the digital transformation.

Implementing Emerging Technologies

Companies are always looking for the best solutions that can help their business grow and thrive. Sometimes they are offered by emerging technologies, including bleeding edge technologies.

Adopting and implementing these emerging technologies can benefit companies on other areas too. Besides resolving the immediate need, it could help the company achieve other objectives such as power saving or cost saving features.

Recadi Technologies will help you weigh up the benefits and risks of emerging technologies. We can help you make informed decisions based on our experience and determine their viability and durability for your business.

Reaching More Customers Than Ever Before

Audiences on digital platforms have no boundaries, and there are no restrictions on how much you like to expand your business.  Small business owners are making use of this opportunity and expanding their business through digital platforms to reach more customers.

A website can reach to customers sitting anywhere in this world. With digital marketing, small businesses have higher chances of reaching new audiences to the region where they likely provide their goods and services.  Also, the cost of reaching online the audience is lower than doing offline setup of a business in different places to reach the audience.

To help you more in improving your website for your business, check us out. 

Digital Marketing

Gone are the days when the company alone controls the message consumers get about its products or services. Consumers are now exposed to information on your product through a wide variety of sources, different digital channels and social media.

Consumers of today want brands they can trust, companies that know them, communications that are personalized and relevant, and offers tailored to their needs and preferences.

For you to deliver on their expectations, you need to incorporate digital marketing into your business strategy. You need to understand your customers, monitor what is being viewed, for how often and for how long, and to analyze marketing campaigns, sales conversions, and understand what is working and what is not – and quickly.

Recadi Technologies will work with you on formulating a comprehensive digital marketing plan that will help you to deliver on your objectives.

Mobile Strategy

Take a look around you and you will notice that everyone is on their mobile devices. So whatever your products or services are, you must think mobile.

It does not matter whether is iOS or Android, or what the screen size is. What is important is that customers can connect easily and interactively from any mobile devices and screens.

Some companies use the desktop website and automatically scale it down to “fit” mobile devices (“Responsive Design” / “Responsive Web Design”). Others start with the mobile device (“mobile first”) and scale up to the desktop environment. The advantage of the latter is that it allows your customer experience to be at its most optimal.

Adopting Change

To grow in this pandemic, adopting change is the only key to success and fight against the pandemic. Taking your businesses to digital platforms is the key higher success and surviving your business even during the pandemic.

Small businesses adopt change and bring their business on digital platforms. Adopting changes come with challenges, but when you know these challenges will turn into growth, then never take a step back.

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The importance of building an MVP the lean startup way

Building An MVP The Lean Startup Way

Are you an early stage startup, looking for a product market fit? Don’t let yourself fall in the typical startup trap: investing too many resources, for too long, in some app features your audience won’t be really using.

By following an MVP strategy you can increase the chances of your success by 80%, at only 20% of total cost and time!

Customer First The vein of any business is customers. Is your idea good enough to drive customers? Is there a demand for your idea out there? If there is, what target audience are you catering? These questions will build the foundation of your business and give it a study beginning.

Evan Williams said it right, user experience is everything! Your idea and implementation should revolve around your users. Too many startups begin to build a product without ever letting their customers use it. Let your customers be a part of your business since day one, let potential target audience know you’re building a so and so product. It will determine if the prospective customers will be interested or not.

Go out in the market and start asking people what they feel about your idea. Conduct surveys and talk to them face to face if you have the opportunity. You’ll really get to find the core of the problems; start working on their solution right away. “User experience is everything. It always has been, but it’s undervalued and underinvested in. If you don’t know user-centered design, study it. Hire people who know it. Obsess over it. Live and breathe it. Get your whole company on board.” – Evan Williams, Co-Founder, Twitter

Fail Fast , Move Forward , Iterate Start building, don’t wait. This is the key to making a name in your industry. You can correct the course as you go along. Developing a MVP (Minimum viable product) solely means continuously improving the product for higher user satisfaction. That’s how your business will grow, that’s how you will save tons of capital. The question is, how will you do it? We tell our fellow entrepreneurs to work smarter instead of harder. Your whole team should be aware of the fact that, apart from saving your hard earned capital, their duty will be to tailor-make an efficient process which revolves around the development of a super responsive product.
Go out in the market and start asking people what they feel about your idea. Conduct surveys and talk to them face to face if you have the opportunity. You’ll really get to find the core of the problems; start working on their solution right away. “You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over.” – Richard Branson, Virgin Group Founder

Objectives, Not Features

Having the right focus and prioritizing what’s most important will help you build an effective MVP.

Just keep in mind to make it as simple as possible. At this MVP stage, it’s not about the product, it’s about your objectives. There is no need to add features which aren’t necessary for the beginning. Just find the features which will help you realize if you actually solve your customer’s problem the way you intended to. Measure this impact, learn from it, and tweak your product until you find the traction points where your customers get actually addicted to your solution. You should know in advance what you want to learn, not to get all over the place. This is the Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop, that will help you hustle in the right direction.  A thousand no’s for every yes” – Apple Inc.

Do It Right Or Die Trying

Here is the catch; user satisfaction will not come in the first attempt. However, we believe that it is not impossible.

Most startups which start building their products end up all frustrated. The reason behind this lies in the fact that they’re unsuccessful in creating a measurement system which analyzes the process in detail. If you are unable to find out about how well your prototype is doing, then you might as well consider that all efforts may go down the drain. You need to identify weaknesses in the MVP and without any delay, start working on a better MVP based on the feedback. If needed, set a new value proposition, new measurements systems, to take your product with a new outlook. 

Stay Focused And Get Things Done

Together, we will be focusing on strategies that will focus on this customer understanding. But hey, don’t forget, you’ll have to hustle hard to get your voice heard! That’s the only way it is done, don’t forget the old school lesson of entrepreneurship, which is (drumroll please!!), persistence of course.

So get yourself together now and be proud, you’re about to do something critically challenging.

Our MVP Development Process

1. Defining a strategy

Our product team will understand your idea, vision, playing field & your competitive advantage to figure out what your MVP should look like and whether an MVP approach is a right for you or not.

2. Assigning a team

In the next step, we will assign a customized team based on MVP requirements and project timeline. The team will be lead by a dedicated product owner focused only on your product success.

3. Design sprints

We would be covering everything, from design research to prototype to the visual design, in 2-4 week sprints. Our UI/UX goal here is to expose your target audiences to the real value of a product.

4. Development sprints

Once we are done with the UI & UX flows, we will start writing code and give life to your MVP, again in the well-defined development sprints so that we can be ready to launch it on time!

5. MVP launch

Once launched, MVP will help you to receive a real response from your peers, early adopters, and investors. This validated learning will help you with your next product strategies.

6. Post-launch support

After the results, if you decide to continue product development with us, we get down to expanding your MVP into a full-stack product! If not, then we assist you in the complete technology transition!




Digital Transformation

The importance of Digital Transformation

Recadi Technologies is helping organizations to become agile and efficient during their digital transformation . We give you the right advice to create competitive edge, increase customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

Digitalization at Recadi Technologies

In the ever-changing business atmosphere, whatever your industry is you need to keep pace with the evolvement. The IT world never stops offering solutions for different businesses and every day there’s a chance that a revolutionary digital solution appears.

In the last 20 years, we have seen technology affecting the way of communication between brands and customers, raising customer’s expectations and identifying new needs. This customer-based approach is simply called “Customer experience” and a really good customer experience can change the market forever, exactly like what happened in the taxi & car rental industry after the appearance of the car renting apps.

The convenience, safety, affordability, and professionality have created a good customer experience. And this changed the market forever.

The digital transformation as we know is how we get your business moving to the “Customer experience” approach, letting you benefit from all the looming opportunities.

We help organizations to achieve their potential and support them to adopt new trends, respond to market changes and stay one step ahead of the competition.

To say it simply, the world is going digital and the digital world is dynamic, and we are here to support organizations in getting digitized.

How we do it?

Technology is changing the way businesses operate internally, how they deal with suppliers, and how they interact with their customers. And the digital transformation is how any organization will respond to all these changes.

At Recadi Technologies we help you get the right digital solution, and know your perfectly matching solution, we depend on one magical word. Study!

We study your workflow, we study the newest trends and we study your competitors. We study the best business practices, the internal processes, the end to end cycle, and we depend on experts to do so.

We depend on a network of consultants who have their hands on the pulse of IT, Finance, Marketing, Management, Business intelligence, Online payments, Security, and many more sectors that you will definitely need to smoothly transform your organization into a digital organization with a customer-centric approach.

The Benefits

The right digital solution enables the technical and cultural shift from redundant traditional operations, to sharp and simple steps able to operate, collect & analyse data. and help organizations to take all the privileges of the digital world.


  • Data and meaningful insights
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Better operations and processes
  • Personalized consultancy
  • Strong Engagement
  • Relevancy into the future​