Recadi Technologies

What Is An MVP?

An MVP is a minimal form of your product that is tested on the market. This development strategy allows your team to validate (or invalidate) product assumptions and learn how your target users react and experience your product’s core functionality. This approach will provide insight into properly allocating your budget to satisfy your overall business objectives.

Why Build An MVP?

The main goal of an MVP is to develop a working product that provides immediate value, quickly, while minimizing costs. Starting with an MVP will allow you to learn more about your end-user and the market you wish to enter as you test your assumptions. An MVP will also set the stage for future iterations of development and clarify the sequential steps to take in the project – whether that’s changing directions entirely, or continuing down your set development path.

Our MVP Development Process

1. Defining a strategy

Our product team will understand your idea, vision, playing field & your competitive advantage to figure out what your MVP should look like and whether an MVP approach is a right for you or not.

2. Assigning a team

In the next step, we will assign a customized team based on MVP requirements and project timeline. The team will be lead by a dedicated product owner focused only on your product success.

3. Design sprints

We would be covering everything, from design research to prototype to the visual design, in 2-4 week sprints. Our UI/UX goal here is to expose your target audiences to the real value of a product.

4. Development sprints

Once we are done with the UI & UX flows, we will start writing code and give life to your MVP, again in the well-defined development sprints so that we can be ready to launch it on time!

5. MVP launch

Once launched, MVP will help you to receive a real response from your peers, early adopters, and investors. This validated learning will help you with your next product strategies.

6. Post-launch support

After the results, if you decide to continue product development with us, we get down to expanding your MVP into a full-stack product! If not, then we assist you in the complete technology transition!