Online School Platform

We created an online school portal for a non-profit organization that offers ICT learnership courses for underprivileged students. The portal includes features such as course registration, online classes, assessments, a results card, and a learning management system. It also has tools for calendar and timetable management, notice board announcements, student statistics, SMS communication, syllabus and assignment setup, student activity monitoring and student communication.

Secure login for students, parents, teachers, and administrators to access the portal. We have a personalized dashboard for each user role, providing an overview of relevant information and quick access to essential features.

This solution has tools for teachers to create, organize, and manage online courses, including adding course materials, assignments, and assessments. Virtual classroom integration with video conferencing platforms or built-in virtual classroom functionality for live online classes, discussions, and collaboration.

The platform is able to record and track student attendance, both for virtual classes and physical attendance (if applicable) and a centralized grade book where teachers can input and manage student grades, calculate averages, and generate reports.

The web portal has an online submission of assignments by students and the ability for teachers to provide feedback and grade submissions. This platform also has features such as messaging systems, discussion forums and notifications to facilitate communication between students, parents and teachers. Repository for storing and sharing educational resources, documents and other multimedia materials.

Shared calendars with important dates, events, class schedules and reminders for students, teachers and parents. This platform also comes with parent portal access for parents to monitor their children progress, view grades, attendance, communication with teachers and participate in parent-teacher meetings.