RSA Parliament Streaming Services

Business Case The RSA Parliament sought a competent partner to enhance their online streaming services for broadcasting meetings to the public. They required a seamless and reliable cloud-based solution to extend their reach and accessibility.

Solution Provided by Recadi Technologies

Recadi Technologies conducted comprehensive research and proposed an integrated cloud-based workflow to streamline the entire streaming process. Our solution involved capturing meeting feeds at the source, preparing graphics for the channel, and executing a flawless live stream on various social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. We implemented a robust cloud monitoring system to ensure optimal streaming quality and performance throughout the broadcast.

This innovative cloud-based approach not only met but exceeded the expectations of the RSA Parliament, offering a reliable and engaging platform for sharing important meetings with the public.

This project showcases Recadi Technologies' commitment to delivering tailored cloud solutions that leverage cutting-edge technology to meet the unique needs of our clients.