The advantages of big data in healthcare industry

Digital transformation in healthcare industry

According to current reports, only 9% of healthcare and pharmaceutical companies have implemented digital strategies, while for others it is around 18%. However, the current trend is indicating that both companies have started to realize the impact of digital solutions on their businesses. This post will throw light on the digital advancements and solutions that could help these companies offer seamless and unparalleled patient care. 

Why digital transformation is important in healthcare industry

With a huge volume of patients visiting every health center, it is extremely critical for these institutions to adopt digital strategies and solutions to provide thorough and faster patient care. Especially, dealing with a massive volume of patient data and records is often challenging (often performed manually) for most health-based companies, impacting patient care. The companies have to engage with seasoned digital transformation services invest in digital solutions to provide faster and better service to patients. There are many occasions where the wrong medication has been prescribed or appointments have been missed due to human errors that can have huge consequences. While some human errors are unavoidable when staff are required to handle large quantities of data, the use of Big Data will help to reduce mistakes being made. 

Health tracking

Through the use of Big Data and Analytics in the healthcare industry, healthcare professionals can now track the vitals and statistics of different patients and service users. This is revolutionary to how effective healthcare will be, as it allows for the monitoring of patients in a way that has never been done before.


1. Seamless doctor-patient coordination
2. Automated administrative tasks Secure data
3. Access to real-time health information
4. Relation between multiple healthcare specialists
5. Collaborative studies and research
6. Ease of online appointments
7. Improved patient management
8. Control of medications
9. Reduced manual mistakes
10. Better revenue direction

Digital transformation

With a massive volume of data like financial, clinical, R&D, administration and operational data, available in the healthcare sector, big data insights can power them with meaningful actions to improve the overall operational efficiency of the industry.


1. Advanced patient care
2. Improved operational efficiency
3. Discovering the best cure for diseases
4. Personalized and integrated communication
5. Enhanced access to critical information
6. Proactive equipment maintenance


The shortage of skilled staff has impacted delivering a better outcome for patients, and manual processes in this sector have compounded the challenges. Healthcare industry leaders are turning to a wide range of technology solutions, and of them, a widely adopted are medical chatbots. If you are the healthcare organization’s leader, you would definitely love to implement medical chatbots for simplifying your healthcare challenges and improving patient care.


1. Provide answers to the FAQs of customers
2. Schedule appointments and consultations from anywhere
3. Track patients’ care to minimize unwanted appointments and admissions
4. Notify patients with prescription refills and care guidelines through alerts and notifications
5. Streamline admission, discharge, and transfer requests
6. Alert teams during patient emergencies
7. Store and update patients’ medical history and records Allow the exchange of data
8. Automate data entry to reduce man-made errors and duplicate entries

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