“To get closer to our client’s businesses better we think from their point of view. We build digital experiences through deep technologies.  With our core expertise in technologies and trends, we design and develop solutions to help brands achieve their goals.”

Recadi Technologies was established in 2012 and just over 7 years, the company has
increased its expertise into becoming the future of tech from Web Design/Development to App Innovation, Hosting, AI & ChatBot, IT Consulting, Ecommerce and Hardware & Software Support. We aim to create an environment where companies can equally enjoy the Digital World.

Magcoba Hadi is the founder of Recadi Technologies and he is a tech savvy entrepreneur that has built his foundation and ethics on digital transformation which consist of three pillars, namely:

Magcoba Hadi creates a platform designed for his client benefits as well as their business advancement in the future of Information technology. Our vision is to be the bridge that merges company and virtualization; introduce and educate our clients about cloud computing within South Africa and Africa. Our vast tech team, builds solution based digital innovation, user-centric online experiences and elegant robust applications.

Our mission is to get our clients digitally connected and happy. We offer custom made business processes that provides end to end solutions. Being transparent is one of our key elements as well as the virtual capabilities and platforms that foster authentic, impactful relationships with the people and digital systems.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our 6-D Process


At Recadi Technologies We do our research and find the best way for you to get your business up and running online.


We’ll set out a plan to get your business online, in the most efficient way possible.


We prioritize beautiful design, so your customers are given the best experience possible.


We develop fast, high functioning online tools to help you make the most of digital tools to build your business.


We get to work right away, so we can complete your project in good time and get your business up an running online as soon as possible.


We offer 1 – 2 – 1 training sessions on all of our products, so you can get the most out of your new online tools.